About Hemangi Shah

  • B.Com
  • DFM
  • Certified Global Career Counsellor

Hemangi is a Commerce graduate as well as a financial management specialist. Later on, her love for imparting knowledge and guiding people, made her opt for a Cambridge International Diploma in Teacher Training (CIDTT) with a certification for English Language Teaching.

Hemangi Shah -a mother and an entrepreneur- has been an educator for 10 years teaching the English language across boards like ICSE, IGCSE, and IB.

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About TheCounselco

Being a mother herself she loves to be around the modern generation of kids. She has a clear understanding of their perspectives, and with confidence, she has started a career counselling organization under the name- TheCounselco.

TheCounselco was established with the aim of supporting the students in choosing the right career path for themselves. Her experience in varied fields such as game designing, and teaching has enabled her to deliver the unmatched experience of counseling sessions to the students.

Need For Counselling

With the plethora of information, the students are most likely to get confused in choosing the right fit for themselves which is aligned with their strengths, weaknesses, and aptitude. Making one wrong decision will lead to problems in the future and an unsatisfied individual. After making the appropriate decision, most of the time the admission process tends to act as a mystery to the students. Another issue is that due to the highly competitive education system, getting admission to the preferred university is difficult.

Career counselling comes as a rescue as it helps to guide the students in making the right decision and follow up the right process to reach their goals.

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